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Our Supporters

We would like to thank the incredible people and organisations that make our lifesaving work possible. Here are just some of them.

A J Smith 

Alan Day  

Alan Deverson 

Alan Windsor 

Alistair Hogg  

Alistair R Turnbull 

Allan Wilson 

Alton and Jaye Lucas 

Andre Engelbrecht 

Andrea Schreuder 

Andrew Goodwin 

Andrew Parker 

Ann Dufty 

B Colquhoun  

B J Neilsen 

B K Waters 

B L Goudie 

B R Stafford Bush 

Barbara Millensted  

Barbara Worrallo  

Bernard Dennehy  

Bev Caccioppoli

Bill Caldwell 

Bill Le Warne 

Bill Wulf 

Brent Robertson  

Brett Painter 

Brett Pyke 

Brian Funnell 

Brian Hogan 

Brian Leicester  

Brian Reynolds 

Brian Zuppicich  

Bruce Adam  

Bruce Southwood  

Bruce Spooner 

Bruce Stephenson

C I Abel 

C I Lucas 

Campbell Williams 

Carolyn Bilbrough  

Carolyn Kidd 

Cheryl Donaldson 

Chris Atkinson  

Chris Nipper 

Chris Orr 

Clarry Topia  

Clifford Hart  

Colin and Sue Campbell  

Colin Costain

Colin Smith 

Colken Engineering Ltd  

Craig M Cooper 

Craig Walker 

D and A Edmonds 

D J Erni 

D P Ryder 

Daimon Wright 

Dale Fiu  

Dan Webster 

Darryl Hobcraft 

Dave Ellis 

Dave McNab 

David Coetzee 

Dean Adgo 

Denise Scheurich  

Diamond Roofing Ltd 

Doug McLellan  

Edwin Jurgens 

Eric Holliday, FISH Safety Foundation 

Fresh Wave 

Fulton Hogan Ltd - Waikato 

G F Webster 

G K Bill Tito

G P Thompson 

Garry Klatt 

Garth Dunlop 

Geoff Lowe 

George Wallbank 

Gerard ONeill 

Gerry Peetz 

Glenn Johnstone 

Graeme Watt 

Graeme Webber  

Graham and Lorna Robertson 

Graham Speer 

Graham Twist 

Grant Hewson 

Grant Ryder  

Greg and Trish Thomson  

Gull New Zealand Limited 

H Lee 

Hamish Limbrick  

Heather Forss  

Hillebrand New Zealand

Ian Slater  

Inga Currey  

Ivan Stevenson 

J E Wakeling 

J Gregory

J K Thomas 

James Brierley 

James Dobbin 

James Porter 

James Redmayne 

Jim Brambley  

Jim Mays 

Jim Rentoul 

Joe Voordouw  

John Alexander 

John Beck  

John Bennett 

John Brophy 

John Carmody 

John Clyne 

John Dodd 

John Dyer 

John Gibb 

John Goble 

John Gray  

John Green 

John Kearney 

John Mills 

John Quigley 

John Sames 

John Stringer 

Johnny McCormick 

Judy Jackman 

Juri Alnek 

K G Shute 

Keith and Angela Joblin  

Kelly Francis 

Kennard Family 

Kevin Aplin 

Kevin Macbeth 

Kevin Rijns 

Kevin Ross

L J Taylor 

Larry Thomas 

Leon Everitt 

Lester Hayward  

Lex de Jong 

Lincoln Leef

Louise Hosking 

M B Fothergill 

M Beaton 

M Caldwell 

M J Fitzi 

M J Pilet 

M R Martelli 

Margaret Milligan 

Margaret Pidgeon  

Mark Brown 

Mark Godsiff 

Mark Hyde 

Martin Storey  

Maurice Lex Macken 

Michael Baldock 

Michael Blewman 

Michael John Horton 

Michael Jones 

Mike West  

Milton Hope  

Murray Rennie 

N D Robinson 

Neil Dromgool

Neville Gleeson 

Oliver Dugdale 

Oliver Hunter  

Orman Broadhurst  

P I OMeara 

P L Nevins 

P Moore 

P W Sheehan 

Pam Renouf 

Paul and Judy Armour  

Paul Grover 

Paul Styles 

Paul Yesberg 

Peter and Dawn Rackley 

Peter Devlin 

Peter Jackson  

Peter Lewis 

Peter McDiarmid 

Peter Morrison

Peter Pilley

Peter Westphal

Priority Auto Electric Ltd

R E Pearson

R Honings

R J Taylor

R L Haywood

R L Walker

R Maxwell

R T and M A Flanagan

Ray O Leary

Richard Marsh

Richard Philip

Richard Scadden

Rob Goodwin

Rob McIntyre

Robert and Sharon Lovie

Robert Calder

Robert Fisher

Robert Kelsey

Robert Smellie

Roger Mulligan

Roger Spooner

Ronald Myles

Ross Dymock

Ross McRobie

S F Crowe

S J Jackson

Scott McNab

Scott Montgomerie

Shannon Robertson

Sounds Builders Marlborough

Spencer Smith

Stan and Doreen Thorburn

Stan Baynes

Stan Chee

Steve and Doon Malcolm

Steve Kirby

Steven Baker

Stuart Pryke

Stuart Thomson

Syd Tremaine

T Nuthall

T P Dinneen

Terry Downey

Tony Potts, Tutukaka Coast Electrical

Tracey Curry

Trevor Robertson

Vaoloa Loto

Vaughan Moloney

Veteran Gasfitting & Plumbing Ltd

W R Johnson

W Sutcliffe

Warren and Helen Allen

Warren and Maureen More

Warren Buchanan

Wati Marsh

Wayne Ellis

Wayne McCarthy

Wayne Woodruffe

William Morgan

Special Recognition: Volunteer Long Service Awards

25 years

Neville Winter, Jonathan Welsh, Murray Lawrence, David Procter, Rod Caldow, Patricia Collins, Ross Winterburn and Pete Donaldson

30 years

Colin Dunn, Les Franks and Stephen Ford

40 years

Tony Monk and Tom McMurdo

Life Members

Kevin O'Sullivan QSM
Brooke Archbold MNZM
Allan Daines
Harold Mason
Michael Grace
Alan Haddock QSO

Bluesky Community Trust

Dragon Community Trust

Oxford Sports Trust

Pelorus Trust

Phillip Verry Charitable Foundation

The Trusts Community Foundation (TTCF)

Wilfred Alexander Rooth Atkinson Charitable Trust

If you already support Coastguard, thank you so much. You make everything we do possible.

Thanks to your support people can enjoy New Zealand’s waterways safe in the knowledge that a Coastguard volunteer crew will be ready to respond if they get into trouble. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and know that every day you’re part of the crew saving lives at sea.

If you've been inspired by what you've read in this report, you can be part of the team saving lives at sea.

You'll be making a huge difference. You'll keep our boats on the water and our crews trained and ready.

To find out more about how you can help, visit

Royal New Zealand
Coastguard Inc
 (Coastguard NZ)

3 Solent Street, Mechanics Bay
Auckland 1010

PO Box 2195, Shortland Street
Auckland 1140

09 303 4303
or 0800 BOATIE (282 843)
[email protected] 


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